A bright smile and healthy teeth have become an aesthetic imperative of the modern age, and thanks to the most modern technologies and materials, the requirements of aesthetic dentistry are no longer difficult to meet.

Composite fillings

Once popular amalgam fillings are now a thing of the past, and there are more and more patients who come to us with the desire to replace them. They have been replaced by aesthetic composite materials which, with their diverse color palette, enable the design of fillings morphologically and aesthetically to a perfect shape in just one visit.

bezmetalne krunice

Composite veneers

Composite veneers are the placement of a thin layer of composite material, which covers the visible surfaces of the tooth, giving it a more beautiful shape and color, thus improving the overall appearance of the dentition.

Inlay / Onlay

Inlay / Onlay restorations are recommended for all those who have damage to dental tissue and would like a longer-lasting and better solution than a composite filling. They are used in cases when there has been major damage to the crown, where there is not enough tooth tissue to make a composite filling, and the damage to the teeth is not so big that it requires a crown. They are made of ceramics, with the CAD-CAM technology.

estetska stomatologija
estetska stomatologija

Dental anti-aging

In addition to rejuvenating and beautifying your smiles, we can also improve the appearance of your lips, face and décolleté. In our center, it is possible to remodel facial features, lip size, with the highest quality preparations of hyaluronic acid, which is a completely natural preparation.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is found in the connective tissue of human skin, and makes the skin elastic and firm. It has similar effects as collagen, but its effects last much longer and reactions to the substance are very rare. When injected into the subcutaneous tissue, it binds water to itself and thus leads to an increase in volume. Hyaluronic acid treatment is a safe procedure because it is a natural ingredient of the skin.