When it comes to our youngest patients, the most important tasks of our C dental team are:

  • Prevention and treatment of oral and dental diseases in children
  • Gaining the trust of the child and parents,
  • Giving advice to parents and children on how to maintain oral health

The first visit to the dentist is a very important experience for the child and should be as pleasant as possible, without stress and trauma.

Therefore, it is ideal to bring the child to the dentist while there are no problems, so that the first visit is there to introduce the child to the new environment, as well as to establish communication between the dentist and the child and parents.

Modern dentistry is painless dentistry, so all interventions, if necessary, are performed under local anesthesia, whether it is milk or permanent teeth, in order to ensure a painlessness procedure and minimize the possibility of a traumatic experience.

If your child is afraid of the dentist, come in so we can change that!

We know that a child’s trust is hard to gain, but is very quickly and easily lost, the commitment and training of the staff at the C dental center can greatly reduce the child’s uncomfortable feeling in the dental office and develop trust and friendship between the little patient and the dentist.