Tooth cavity

In the case of an advanced tooth cavity that has reached the dental nerve itself, it is necessary to approach endodontic therapy, which aims to remove the inflamed or infected nerve, the so-called dental pulp, then carefully cleaning the inner part of the root canal where the nerve was located.

bezmetalne krunice
bezmetalne krunice

The C Dental Center team will do their best to heal and preserve each one of your teeth.

After dental treatment, the crown part of the tooth should be replaced with a filling or some prosthetic restoration. Having in mind the fact that the tooth when the nerve is removed lacks most of the tooth substance, and due to the lack of nerves and blood vessels it is more prone to fractures, a crown or some other prosthetic replacement should be placed on to additionally protect the tooth.

Painless and very fast

Endodontic treatment is performed in one or more visits, with the use of appropriate medication and diagnostic devices and instruments. When the tooth is completely healed, the final filling of the root canal space can begin.

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