When is the right time for your first visit?

Upon arrival, a smiling and cordial staff will be waiting for you, and in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, our professional team will perform a detailed dental examination of the current condition of the mouth and teeth. In order to make a diagnosis and determine a further treatment plan, it is very important to do a thorough first examination. If necessary, we will analyze additional X-ray and CBCT (3D) images that give us a precise insight into the condition of the bones and teeth, all in order to resolve the situation for which you contacted us.

bezmetalne krunice
bezmetalne krunice

Unity between modern equipped practice, dental laboratories and X-ray center

We open a health card for each one of our patients in order to closely monitor both the general health condition and further dental therapy. In one place, we enable you to perform complete diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in a very short period of time. Do not delay your visit to the dentist due to lack of time, we are here to meet all your requirements.